Library Procedures



Every Johnson Elementary School student has the opportunity to check out a book at least once a week in the Johnson Library.  Johnson students from pre-school through fourth grade choose their own book(s) independently each week in accordance with Standards of Learning Goals. Students are encouraged and supported in choosing a book on their reading level that interests them.

Pre-K, kindergarden, and first grade students may take home one book at a time, at their teacher’s discretion. Students in second, third, and fourth grade may check out two books at a time. If a student has one or more overdue book, this may limit their ability to take home a new book until their overdue book is returned.

As well as checking out books during their weekly library time, students may come to the library at any time during the school day with teacher permission in order to check out a new book. Each morning, the Johnson Library is open for check-out time for students in grades 2-4, with teacher permission.


If a student does not bring their book back to the library on their scheduled library day, their book is considered overdue. Kindergarten and first grade students receive letters from the library to go home if they have an overdue book. This letter reminds families of the title, due date, and price of the book. Students may have a total of two books out at a time.

Johnson Elementary School is happy to work with families on issues and questions regarding overdue books, damaged books, and lost book replacement. If you have a question or concern about an overdue book, please contact Miss Messham through email at or through the Contact the Library page. Please include your student’s name and homeroom teacher.


Students are able to engage in open checkout each week and have the opportunity to earn free reading time at the end of each class period. Over the course of the semester, classes with continuous good behavior can earn special activities as a reward.


Special rewards that may be awarded to students during class time include acting as a Library Assistant, receiving an item of choice from the All Star Jar, the opportunity to choose a special or new book for checkout, or a special surprise such as reading in the Library’s “VIP STUDENT” section.


The following are sequential consequences that may occur:

  • Verbal warning
  • In class time-out (this includes a discussion with Miss Messham about which rule was broken and how to make better choices)
  • Losing a class privilege (including minutes off check-out time or restricted checkout)
  • Conference with teacher (this includes a note home)
  • Discipline Referral and/or administrator action


The Learning Leopard Library doors are open to parent volunteers! We are so excited for the opportunity to invite some of our biggest supporters in to lend a hand. Parent volunteers will be helping with critical actions like shelving books, pulling resource lists for teachers, organizing and checking shelves, helping to maintain displays, and checking books in during our morning rush.

Parent volunteers will be invited to share their time between 7:30-8:30 AM Monday through Friday, as well as 1:30-2:30 PM on Mondays and Tuesdays. It is our library policy that the library is closed to volunteers during student class times. Parents must meet all Johnson Elementary School specifications for volunteers before volunteering in the Learning Leopard Library. These specifications include a parent volunteer form. Please contact Johnson Elementary with any questions about parent volunteering guidelines: 434-245-2400.

If you are interested in becoming a parent volunteer in the Johnson Elementary School Learning Leopard Library, please email Mrs. FitzHenry at or stop by the Learning Leopard Library after school. More details about training and sign-up will be coming soon!

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Johnson Elementary School’s Library Media Specialist Sarah FitzHenry via email at

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