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Hello, and welcome to the online home for the Johnson Elementary School Library! Johnson Elementary School is located in Charlottesville, Virginia, and we are the proud home to approximately 300 students ranging from pre-school through fourth grade, to about 12,000 library materials, and to some of the greatest teachers on the planet (in my humble opinion).


My name is Sarah FitzHenry, and I am the library media specialist at Johnson Elementary School. I love singing, dancing, being silly, exploring technology, sharing literature, and a lot of other things! To find out more about me, click over to the “Mrs. FitzHenry” tab.

The Johnson Elementary School library is not just an exciting place to visit – it’s also an integral piece of the Johnson Elementary School community. Our library has many different jobs that include:

  • teaching students pre-k through fourth grade about the many facets of information literacy through library lessons
  • circulating more than 12,000 materials
  • developing and maintaining a diverse, engaging collection of materials
  • providing curriculum support to all of Johnson’s teachers and staff
  • helping students to become 21st century learners through a technology curriculum
  • providing tech tools and guidance to staff and students for academic use


Through weekly visits to the Johnson Elementary School Library during their scheduled specials time, students will practice critical thinking skills, information literacy techniques, creativity, teamwork, and research skills, among other things. Along the way, they will learn to appreciate and understand literature in a brand new way. What an exciting way to learn! Each class in grades K-4 visits the library for an additional checkout period per week. This time is designed specifically for students to choose their own books to read for pleasure.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Johnson Elementary School’s Library Media Specialist Sarah FitzHenry via email at fitzhes1@charlottesvilleschools.org.

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