Back to School Night in the Library


Back to School Night was so much fun! I was happy to have many Johnson families stop by the library. Library Maker Space items were available for everyone to try out. Kids stopped in and a few came and stayed the whole night, playing banana and Play Doh pianos on our Makey Makeys, building giant towers out of Magna-Tiles, and designing Star Wars battle ships out of Legos. It was great to meet parents, grandparents, and family friends. The last week of every month in the Johnson Library, students will participate in Maker lessons and stations called “Tinker Time.” These lessons will give students a chance to try out different Maker Space items and participate in challenges and problem solving activities. This week will be our first Tinker Time! Students in Pre-K-1st grade will experiment with different building materials to build their dream house. 2nd grade-4th grade will choose from a variety of stations with the main focus being following directions and reading instructions to complete a task or play a game. I will be playing right along with them!

If you’d like to follow all of our exciting Johnson Library happenings, follow Ms. Flowers’ class page on Homeroom:

Happy reading, Ms. Flowers 🙂


img_2354 img_2352 img_2349

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